Prevent User To Take Screenshot In Flutter

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Its an amazing task to not allow user to take a screenshot of a particular widget. It make our app more secure. In flutter, it is very easy to allow user to not to take screenshots. A package is available in flutter, which makes it easy to prevent screenshot capturing.

Let’s begin.

First you need to add a package in your pubspec.yaml file

flutter_windowmanager: ^0.0.2

get dependency

$ flutter pub get


import 'package:flutter_windowmanager/flutter_windowmanager.dart';

Now using the code snippet below, you can disable the screenshots for that particular widget.

await FlutterWindowManager.addFlags(FlutterWindowManager.FLAG_SECURE);

You can use the code inside initState().Here's the example.

initState() {

Future<void> _preventScreenshot() async {
await FlutterWindowManager.addFlags(FlutterWindowManager.FLAG_SECURE);

That’s all, you can use this code above for a single widget.

For reference go to this link here.

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