Pull Down To Refresh The Screen In Flutter

pull_to_refresh: ^1.6.3
flutter pub get
import 'package:pull_to_refresh/pull_to_refresh.dart';
RefreshController _refreshController =
RefreshController(initialRefresh: false);
return Scaffold(
body: SmartRefresher(
enablePullDown: true,
controller: _refreshController,
onRefresh: _onRefresh,
onLoading: _onLoading,
child: ListView.builder(
itemBuilder: (c, i) =>Card(Center(child:Text(items[i]))),
itemCount: items.length,
void _onLoading() async {
// your api here
void _onRefresh() async {
// your api here




Flutter || Android Developer Since 2018

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Akshay Papneja

Akshay Papneja

Flutter || Android Developer Since 2018

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